Day 6 of water only washing

Today I feel very proud of myself for sticking to this water only washing method and putting absolutely nothing on my hair except water. My hair now has total sebum coverage and feels extremely moisturised while I am rinsing it in the mornings.  I decided to put my hair in twists until I reached total sebum coverage but what I dislike is how messy my hair looks due to the constant massaging under water in the mornings, also it could be because of the colour of my hair but it has a dry appearance (my hair is like a dirty brown colour). I am hoping that in time my sebum will come in a little more and it will have a more moisturised and shiny look to it which alot of people mention happened to theirs. On the weekend I will be wearing a twist out and I’m keen on seeing the difference between maintenance while my hair is loose and while it is protected.  I’m sure it’s much easier while in twists but since my hair is moisturised then it shouldn’t be too hard to detangle in the shower.
I am aware that quite frequent rinsing is needed to maintain water only washing as rinsing is what helps to distribute the natural oils down the hair shaft but I will definitely be working towards less frequent washing in time as I do not want to manipulate my hair too much and cause any damage. I will be working towards rinsing twice or three times a week eventually but I will go by how my hair is responding.
I have read quite a lot of people mentioning using substitute oils and butters to add to the ends of their hair but I don’t think I would like to do this as to me, although it is natural, it leads to build up and this is why I feel alot of people mention having to clarify with some sort of natural product. I will see how I go with water washing only for as long as I can but I will surely update on my experience.
The problems I can see ahead are that I will miss adding product to my hair (but then again I won’t miss spending money on it!) I will also miss browsing through aisles to see what the next product craze is. Another thing I know I will do is look at other youtubers for example and notice all the products they add on their hair and possibly feel like I’m missing out 🙁 but one thing I need to remember is this is my hair journey and if what I am doing is working for me, who cares what others are doing. My goal is too reach armpit length by the end of the year and although it seems like I’m a long way from that goal, it’s not impossible and I might just post some pictures of my achievement. this space!

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