Why you should work out!


I love working out!
Working out is a great way to make you feel better, the following is a few reasons why you should truly consider incorporating it into your life:
1. It lowers stress levels by releasing endorphins
2. Your cardiovascular system is more efficient at pumping out blood and therefore it decreases the chances of heart disease
3. It increases your metabolism.
4. It increases your confidence as your body shape starts to change
5. It gives you stronger bones when you strength train which helps when it comes to ageing
6. It improves the health of your lungs
7. It improves your posture
8. You have more muscle tone and definition
9. It improves the look of your skin as oxygen flows more efficiently around your body
10. It what your body is designed to do! And it leads to a happier, healthier you! What are you waiting for? Get up and move!

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