My hair goal

hair golas chartMy ultimate goal: Waist length hair (stretched) = 22 inches of hair.

Time to achieve my goal: 6 years so by November 2020 (wow seems like a long way away! AAAHHH!)

How will I achieve my goal:

1. Showing my hair some TLC

2. Moisturising my hair at least 3 x a week (or when needed)

3. Putting my hair in protective styles (every now and again whilst not forgetting to keep it moisturised!)

4. Keeping my ends damage free by trimming them about once every 3 months (professionally)

5. Not too much manipulation (hands should be kept out of hair as much as possible)

6. Loving each growth stage of my hair journey (yes, even the awkward growing out stage from the tapered natural hair cut style I did!)

7. Drinking lots of water!

8. Eating as healthy as possible – green smoothies, juicing, hearty healthy meals 🙂

9. Exercising regularly

10. Washing and conditioning my hair (using huetiful hair steamer when my hair is out) at least 1x per week

And finally…11. Not worrying about the stage that another natural has got to and their regimen, but focusing on mine!! 🙂

But first my short-term goals:

In order to achieve my goal, I want to work in shorter term goals and hopefully I will reach them, which will keep me motivated to carry on. So I believe my hair grows at the slower rate of 1/4″ a month, which is annoying but it doesn’t mean I can’t achieve my goal, it’s just that it will take just that bit longer. No problem, this is why I have set myself 6 years instead of 4. So…

Goal 1: Neck length by November 2015

Goal 2: Collar bone length by November 2016

Goal 3: Full shoulder length by November 2017

Goal 4: Armpit length by November 2018

Goal 5: Bra strap length by November 2019 (hopefully before, but let me not get ahead of myself lol)

Goal 6: Waist length by November 2020!!!!! (Oh my goodness, if I get here, or should I say when I get here *trying to be more positive* I will be soooooooooooooooooo overjoyed!


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