I shall not be defined by others!

I shall not be defined by the opinions of others!
I can’t believe this has become apparent to me, at my age!  Wow life really is special and there is so much to learn. I had to pray for patience today because I found that this obsession with long hair has become a night mare.  I have been looking into different methods,  watching you tube constantly,  taking so much time to research about hair growth – which by the way is a natural occurrence in life. One of God’s many blessings!  I found that this obsession must be down to my lack of faith and God has a way of showing you when he is in control. 
Funny enough my hair is growing and has grown since my short cut back in June 2014. But some how it’s not good enough for me. I have to while away the time and I absolutely cannot stand the thought of waiting for my hair to start touching my back.  Hold on…wait a minute. Why?  Why do I want that so badly?  There has to be a reason! Aha! I know!  I need to prove a point. The point that my hair can actually grow long.  But does that mean I must spend countless hours researching about something that is a natural process of life? Does that mean I must feel ‘ugly’ with my current length and because of that I must have long flowing hair to feel beautiful?  How stupid can one person be? Why am I wasting my time trying to prove others wrong or worse, trying to mould in to their definition of beauty? It’s embarrassing the time we invest trying to please others, or even trying to prove a point. Because that is wasting too much of my valuable time. How can I look at people and wonder why my hair doesn’t do what there’s does?  I’m literally brain washed by the society’s perception of beauty. Not any more. I’ve chosen to break the shackles off my feet and hands and be free. Free to be me! To be the person God created me to be. And that means doing me without having to worry about the opinions of others, as that is exactly what it is, an opinion. I can’t live my life fully focusing on trying to get something right according to another person. Shame on me.
From now on, I will care for myself the way I see fit, not according to what this person or that person says.
I will have the patience to wait for my hair to reach new lengths, it’s not by measuring it every minute or watching other people’s progress, all I’m displaying there is doubt and fear.
I’m going to let God take control and allow me to shine like the star he made me. God made no mistakes with me, neither with you! If we were supposed to look the same, there will be no diversity. No colour, we will all simply be like drones…followers. But we’re not. We have many different shapes and sizes, many complexions, hair types, skin types, creativity and the list goes on. So the idea is..stop wasting time trying to ‘prove a point’. Have patience and faith and it will all be evident in due time.

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