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My current hair Regimen

nat hair

First of all, I have been natural for the last 8 years and even I get confused with the amount of information there is out there in regards to caring for natural hair! Because of this, I feel that I have gone through quite a few set backs to say the least! What I have learned so far is that it takes a lot of patience and reminding myself that my hair is exactly that MY HAIR! not other peoples. So although it is okay for me to be inspired by others with long healthy natural hair, I need to put my own regimen in place to cater to my own hairs specific needs.

Through the years, I have come up with different regimens which I hadn’t stuck to for long enough to figure out whether it was good enough for my hair. But I have finally come up with the regimen that I feel will help my hair thrive and retain moisture which equals to retaining length.

Weekly Wash and condition routine:

Step 1: Part my hair into sections and gently finger detangle just to get rid of noticeable knots

Step 2: Apply a water based rinse out or leave in conditioner to my hair in sections and detangle with a wide toothed comb (I’m currently either using Tresseme cleans and replenish conditioner or giovanni leave in conditioner), I may then go over it with my tangle teazer or my paddle brush then put it in a twist ready to move on to the next section

Step 3: Step in the shower and rinse my hair under warm water for about a minute and then I apply shampoo predominately to my scalp then rinse (I am currently using Taliah Waajid total body black earth shampoo or Keracare hydrating detangling shampoo)

Step 4: Step out of the shower and apply my deep conditioner to all sections of hair using my fingers alone (I am currently using Taliah Waajid enhancing herbal conditioner or Keracare humecto conditioner)

Step 5: I use the huetiful hair steamer to allow the conditioner to penetrate in to my hair follicles for 20 minutes then leave my hair to cool down

Step 6: Rinse out the conditioner with cool-warm water

Step 7: Proceed to styling


Styling regimen after weekly wash and condition:

Step 1: Remove the twists that my hair was in while washing

Step 2: Section off my hair and apply a leave in conditioner to my damp hair (currently using Keracare natural textures leave in conditioner)

Step 3: I follow the leave in conditioner with my home made whipped Shea butter, made with unrefined shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil

Step 4: I gently finger detangle then proceed to twists for a twist out, braids for a braid out etc.

Step 5: Leave to air dry over night, take out in the morning and fluff then voila, perfectly moisturised hair full of lustre and volume! 🙂


Moisturising in between washes:

Firstly I pay attention to the condition of my hair, I sleep with either a satin bonnet or satin scarf. I used to re-twist or re-braid every night but I figured that for my hair, this is too much manipulation. I therefore simply leave my hair as it is until I need to re-moisturise which is about every 3 days. When I need to re-moisturise I take the following  simple steps:

Step 1: Section off my hair and spray water on to it so that it is damp, not soaking wet

Step 2: I apply my leave in conditioner and then my shea butter mix to seal the moisure

Step 3: I either twist, braid etc in preparation for a twist out or braid out the next day