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What are feelings? They are like a state you can get into when something in particular has happened or something is not going your way. The body you are in can sometimes ‘feels’ things, but are the feelings real? Well they do cause several things to happen inside – maybe your heart elevates, or your blood pressure raises/lowers, or your muscles begin to contract and as a result, you begin to sweat…it may also feel that there is pressure inside your head as if your head is going to explode. Funny enough, these feelings can continue to last because of thoughts..thoughts can allow these feelings to go on for much longer or shorter than you want. We are in control.

Once we figure out that thoughts are not real, we can choose to allow ourselves a way out..we can choose to deal with things how we want to deal with things.

I think it is important to understand that it is ok to have feelings. Feelings are a natural thing that us humans are blessed with. Isn’t it good to feel love, to feel joy, to feel at peace. Of course there is also the negative side, anger, frustration etc. but if you choose to believe that this is our body’s natural process of letting it go and filtering out the negative, then this might make us feel better. Of course, it is also a good idea to learn how to handle these types of ‘negative feelings’. Maybe we can choose to talk to someone who will not judge us and help us cope with our feelings, or you may choose to write how you feel. You can choose to have time with yourself and really reflect on what may have caused this feeling, and what might be the learning behind it for you. Either way, let’s choose kindness. Let’s choose to be kind to ourselves and allow ourselves the room to get upset sometimes. Forgiving yourself for your negative feeling, will probably help you heal much faster.