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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Healthy-FoodsIt is so hard for many of us to keep up with living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, drinking water to stay hydrated and keeping fit may seem like tasks or another thing to add to your already busy lifestyle! I go through these stages a lot! I begin to be rebellious at stages because of it and I feel as though I don’t want to get up and pour that glass of water as it’s just another thing to do or I don’t want to jump in my car and drive all the way to the gym and spend an hour and a half of my busy day to workout. It gets hard! It becomes another pressure of life and I feel as though it’s just another thing to add on my to do list. But why? Why does it have to be that way. I stop and think, is it because the society that we live in today has made it seem more like pressure? I know I sit their counting the amount of glasses I’m drinking and the amount of times I go to the gym during the week and even the amount of fruits and vegetables I am supposed to be eating in a day and I just can’t keep up with the Governments standards!

So obviously if you are not getting your “5 a day” or managing to drink your “8 glasses of water” or going to the gym at least “3 times a week”, anyone will begin to feel inadequate and give up! As I am writing this, it is actually occurring to me that this is the case! I am not able to keep up with all of the recommendations so sometimes, I just give up. Maybe this is what is happening to the rest of the nation who are Obese or overweight or undernourished – they can’t keep up with society’s pressure, so they give up!

5 a day 1 5aday 5adaylogo Pouring water into glassIt’s also so funny how easy it is to fall back on the junk. It’s almost like reverse psychology, coming to think of it. Persuasion to eat healthy by giving unrealistic targets and when you can’t meet those targets, you give up and fall back on the junk. Hmmm, i never thought of it this way until now.

Healthy foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods, less easy to get a hold of when you are out and about and do not get up to half the amount of advertisement unhealthy foods get. On the other hand, unhealthy foods are advertised everywhere, even in the aeroplane – what types of healthy foods can you buy from the plane?  (if it is not cooked of course), much easier to access when you are on the go, there are so many offers available in supermarkets – buy one get one free, £1 off etc. You’d think the government wants people to fall sick and die early, maybe because the world is too overpopulated…who knows? Anyway that is a different topic.

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I do know for sure though that I will like to be as healthy as can be so that I am more youthful for longer, my organs function to their full ability, my body looks good, my skin looks good, my hair looks good, I have enough energy in my day to deal with my daily tasks, I am able to be more positive in what can be a very stressful life (once you reach a certain age) and the list goes on. So in order to reach my goal, I am going to TRY to stop using the information the government gives as my guidelines i.e. drink 8 glasses of water a day etc. and I am going to do the best that I can to set my own ideals. There is sooo much pressure with family, friends and adverts etc. which tell you how to live your life. Just remember it is YOUR life. People may frown upon the things you do, people may wonder why you are doing things a certain way, people may talk about you negatively and try to make you feel really bad about yourself. And yes, sometimes they succeed. But try to remember, they are not taking the same path as you in life, they are not with you 24/7, they don’t know or understand some of your thought processes and that is OK! They don’t need to, they are not meant to. As they have their life and you have yours. Live your life the way YOU see fit! Not by the ideals of others! There are times people will actively go out of their way to stop you from achieving a goal that you set for yourself personally, and before you know it, your goal is far beyond reach. You have managed to stop yourself from being happy to please someone else! Your life is worth way more than that! Please yourself. Do things to make YOU happy. If you want to give your body a cleanse and only drink juices for a week then DO IT! don’t let your friend of family member tell you it’s wrong, it’s up to you. If you want to try and cut out meat for health reasons then DO IT! don’t let even your partner tell you “your changing” because at the end of the day, it’s YOUR LIFE and God gave us the freedom to live it, the way that we see fit.

Now hopefully after reading this, you can stop worrying about doing things the way others have told you to and you begin to do things in a way because YOU WANT TO. You want to feel good, you want to look good, you want to have that extra energy, you want to be proud of yourself for reaching the goals that you have set. Hopefully I can do this too, it’s a working progress for everyone in this day and age. Even for those you may see on the internet that look like they have got their lives together, they still have to face the pressures of life and constantly remind themselves why they are on their journey. If not, they wouldn’t be blogging or making videos! So lets try and help ourselves and do the things that we would like to do, without feeling that extra pressure.

I hope I helped xx

Why you should work out!


I love working out!
Working out is a great way to make you feel better, the following is a few reasons why you should truly consider incorporating it into your life:
1. It lowers stress levels by releasing endorphins
2. Your cardiovascular system is more efficient at pumping out blood and therefore it decreases the chances of heart disease
3. It increases your metabolism.
4. It increases your confidence as your body shape starts to change
5. It gives you stronger bones when you strength train which helps when it comes to ageing
6. It improves the health of your lungs
7. It improves your posture
8. You have more muscle tone and definition
9. It improves the look of your skin as oxygen flows more efficiently around your body
10. It what your body is designed to do! And it leads to a happier, healthier you! What are you waiting for? Get up and move!